Holy Tisch was founded in 2019, with the mission of connecting actors and ideas in the global food system. We are creating a platform to facilitate knowledge transfer and to forge partnerships that support sustainable development within the framework of food sovereignty. Holy Tisch is for individuals and organisations who are pursuing a clean, regenerative and equitable food future and want to bring their ideas to the public sphere. 

Map by Sam MacKinnon 

Our primary vehicle for doing so has been our Future Food Convention and our Holy Tisch Interviews, now running into its third year. We provided a virtual framework for over 80 international speakers coming from different sectors and backgrounds -be they scientific or policy specialists, farms, restaurants, start-ups NGOs, and more. 


Holy Tisch will continue to host the Convention and launch more initiatives that affect positive change in the global food system. 


Thank you for supporting Holy Tisch and showing interest in the Future of Food! 


Enjoy browsing through our Holy Tisch Interviews and Conventions, and feel free to get in touch with us to talk about food, exchange ideas or submit interview proposals!


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