2nd Holy Tisch | Future Food Convention

The Future of Food is Now

24th to 26th of November 2021 - 100% virtual & english

We are excited for the second edition of Holy Tisch’s Future Food Convention!

This year's three days Convention will be happening between the 24th and 26th November, and again entirely digital so that everybody can participate.

Our Convention is centered around the important topic: Increasing Food Sovereignty!

With our amazing selection of champions of the food ecosystems as speakers we will connect and exchange experiences across the globe and talk about sustainable rural development, localized food value chains and alternative business concepts.

From regenerative farming, to carbon capture in mangrove ecosystems in Kenya, to creating value chains in Ghana for chocolate production and food as a tool to fight the crisis in Lebanon.

You can meet the speakers and exchange after every session in our Deep Dive format.

For three days, inspiration, innovation and exciting visions of the future await you at the virtual Holy Tisch|Future Food Convention. Please, have a look into the programme.

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Green Innovation,
Sustainable Change.

Holy Tisch means green innovation and sustainable change.

The global food system needs an update.

It needs both vision and pragmatism.

Both new technologies and a return to tradition.

Disruptive startups and established players.

We bring them to the table.


HTV: Holy Tisch Virtual

HTV? That's the name of our virtual events for the Holy Tisch community. 

We offer exciting guests to talk to in livestreams and hold digital workshops on many topics related to the future of food

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