Charlotte Prelorentzos

Charlotte is an agroecologist and community food systems designer. She focuses on holistic concepts that promote sustainable actors in global and local food systems, tying them into circular and cooperative frameworks. 

In 2019, Charlotte  co-initiaded Holy Tisch to faciliate and design knowledge transfer between different stakeholders and support positive change in the food system. She still is one of the core and active members of the plattform. 

Roles: Creator, Strategist
Contact: charlotte[at]

Joella Korczak

Joella is an anthropologist focusing on food culture and systems. She designs programmes for the conservation and agroforestry sector in West Africa, where she is based. Through community engagement and empowerment, she supports the implementation of nature based soulutions. 
In 2020, Joella joined the Holy Tisch team, since then she is an active member to built and form the Future Food plattform and it activities.

Roles: Creator, Strategist
Contact: joella[at]

Damini Ralleigh

Damini Ralleigh is a Dehil-based food writer and critic, who has keenly observed the issues of sustainability, gender, and migration through the lens of food. She follows the shifting cultural coordinates of young India while focussing on efforts that hold out the promise of a better food future. 
In 2021, Damini joined Holy Tisch and enriches the team with her experience as a food writer and researcher. 

Roles: Creator, Strategist
Contact: damini[at]

Thomas Euler
Thomas would like to see a world where entrepreneurs are rewarded for working towards an ecologically meaningful and biodiverse future. Coming from the world of technology and startups, he co-initiated the Holy Table to combine innovation and sustainability. Some may think that the two topics are contradictory, but in Thomas' eyes they belong together, especially nowadays when change is necessary and urgent.

Role: Strategist

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