Charlotte Prelorentzos

Charlotte is an agroecologist and community food systems designer. She focuses on holistic concepts that promote sustainable actors in global and local food systems, tying them into circular and cooperative frameworks. 

In 2019, Charlotte  co-initiaded Holy Tisch to faciliate and design knowledge transfer between different stakeholders and support positive change in the food system. She still is one of the core and active members of the plattform. 

Roles: Creator, Strategist
Contact: charlotte[at]

Joella Korczak

Joella is an anthropologist focusing on food culture and systems. She designs programmes for the conservation and agroforestry sector in West Africa, where she is based. Through community engagement and empowerment, she supports the implementation of nature based soulutions. 
In 2020, Joella joined the Holy Tisch team, since then she is an active member to built and form the Future Food plattform and it activities.

Roles: Creator, Strategist
Contact: joella[at]

Damini Ralleigh

Damini Ralleigh is a Dehil-based food writer and critic, who has keenly observed the issues of sustainability, gender, and migration through the lens of food. She follows the shifting cultural coordinates of young India while focussing on efforts that hold out the promise of a better food future. 
In 2021, Damini joined Holy Tisch and enriches the team with her experience as a food writer and researcher. 

Roles: Creator, Strategist
Contact: damini[at]

Martin Theis

Martin is an all-rounder who knows how to combine a wide range of interests and skills. As a coach for transformative leadership and spirituality, he helps to establish a "conscious corporate culture" globally and to realize a new, broader definition of profitability. Since this change is only possible from within, it needs places where people can rediscover access to the Big Picture.

Therefore, in addition to his work as a coach and at Holy Tisch, he is realizing his dream of establishing a foundation or retreat in Hawaii.

Roles: Strategist

Thomas Euler
Thomas would like to see a world where entrepreneurs are rewarded for working towards an ecologically meaningful and biodiverse future. Coming from the world of technology and startups, he co-initiated the Holy Table to combine innovation and sustainability. Some may think that the two topics are contradictory, but in Thomas' eyes they belong together, especially nowadays when change is necessary and urgent.

Role: Strategist
Clara Dorn

Clara actually comes from the field of art education, where food as an area of tension has often served as a productive starting point for her artistic and educational practice. Since her studies at the Slow Food University (UniSG) in Italy, she has been campaigning on a political and social level for a food revolution towards a fairer and more sustainable food system based on a vibrant urban-rural solidarity. She does this, for example, in her work with the Cologne Food Council and the Schloss Türnich Permaculture Park. Clara is convinced that we can only achieve a real turnaround together - when agriculture, consumers and everyone in between pull together and the entire spectrum of the food system comes together at one table. This is exactly where she sees the great potential of Holy Tisch!

Role: Supporter

Julia Drobner

Julia has been working on the topic of sustainability in consumption and production processes for years, with a focus on the areas of: Food systems, agricultural products and (virtual) water. Julia's focus is on how sustainable approaches can be integrated and established in value chains and through awareness raising in society. Having grown up with her family's farms, and as a passionate cook and expert on culinary delights, she is convinced that good food and shared eating are the cement of our society, the basis of our culture. That's why, in addition to her involvement with Slow Food Youth Cologne, she uses Holy Tisch to advocate for a sustainable and future-proof food system. She is enthusiastic about bringing people and their innovative projects to the table, networking and exchanging ideas in order to actively shape a sustainable and fair food system together and to rethink processes.

Role: Supporter

Sarah Eisenmann
Sarah networks people to achieve common goals - by the way, that's how she brought Charlotte and Thomas together at one (Holy) table. Her fascination is what people from different backgrounds can collaboratively develop into a shared challenge. Therefore, she accompanies people in teams, organizations and networks in participatory processes. As a connector at ouishare, co-founder of Back From the Future and co-initiator of abundigai, she lives her passion for testing new formats of collaboration and futurology, drawing inspiration from nature. She is equally experimental in the kitchen, where she celebrates the diversity of vegetables.

Role: Supporter

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